Drupalcamp Ottawa: The Glacier is Melting

There's one kind of climate change that will benefit nearly all Canadians and that's the thawing of Federal Government attitudes towards free open source software (FOSS). The recent Ottawa Drupalcamp, which had about 200 enthusiastic attendees packing a University of Ottawa lecture hall, offered a visible indication that the melting process is picking up pace.

Three Million Words About Drupal

Actually, let’s make that 3.2 million words, covering 14,000 pages (up from 6,700 pages in 2010) and more than 8,500 topics. And that’s not counting the API docs.

Air Canada Usability Failure

All I wanted to do was to unsubscribe from some Air Canada spam (spam that I don’t recall ever agreeing to receive). Should be easy, right? Here’s how it went:

New ad for Renaissance Holistic

Just created a new ad for my wife's clinic (Renaissance Holistic).

Actually it's just a reworking of one we ran last year. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out but it's a real shame that it's only going to run in black and white on low grade newsprint.

I've attached the ad to this post as a PDF file.

Training and documentation

At Drupalcon 2009 I participated in a panel discussion  about training. My contribution was to talk about documentation. This is summary of my notes. In the traditional Zen monastery, there were two notable techniques that the master would use to introduce the novice to enlightenment. The first was to have the novice sit for many hours facing a wall and concentrate on nothing but the breath. At the point where the novice was absorbed in this state of absolute peace and bliss, the master would creep up behind him and whack him on the head with a large bamboo pole.

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